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Sale on FAEWOLF and new review!

50% off on FAEWOLF at Fictionwise right now:

Another new review of FAEWOLF at NightOwlReviews:

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Reviews and Revisions

Another review of Faewolf today. It’s an interesting experience to see how different reviewers react to various aspects of the characters and plot. Review here:

The convention in LA was loads of fun. I spoke on six panels in three days, got to see a couple old friends and meet new people too.

I’m working hard on editing right now. I have way too many first drafts and not enough completed works. I need to finish Faewolf two and then return to a couple of other projects.

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Underground Truth – My Guest Blog at Book Wenches

I was invited to contribute a Guest Blog at the review site, Book Wenches. The article focuses on the role of research fiction, using the way non-fiction contributed to the story ideas in Faewolf.

You can read it at: Underground Truth – Researching the Supernatural in a Paranormal Romance

And their review of Faewolf can be found HERE.

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FAEWOLF – Finalist in The Rainbow Awards

I am awed to find out that Faewolf has been chosen as a Jury’s Choice Finalist in The Rainbow Awards (For LGBT Ficiton and Non-Fiction). I had no idea we were even in the running!

For a list of Finalists and more information about The Rainbow Awards see:

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A new review of FAEWOLF

New review of Faewolf from Coffee Time Romance:

“This is such a sexy story about a shapeshifter and a Native American. I like the way the authors use nature and her elements to bring these two men closer. The beautiful descriptions of the forests and beach draw the reader in while the heat between Brian and Kiya keep you reading.”

For the complete review see:

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New Reviews for FAEWOLF

by D.M. Atkins and Chris Taylor
A m/m erotic fantasy from Circlet Press

Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart–and his life? Finding out will be full of desire, adventure and romance. [Warning: explicit sex, dubious consent, and rough scenes.]

We are thrilled at how well the book is doing. Most readers at AllRomanceBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Fictionwise have given the novel 5 out of five in their ratings.

Book Wenches gave Faewolf a great review:

“…. In their novel Faewolf, D.M. Atkins and Chris Taylor give readers a story that focuses a spotlight on the plight of wolves in North America while at the same time telling us a story of magic and danger and love. This is a very readable tale that mixes Lakota spirituality with paranormal elements to give us a unique and entertaining whole.

The authors handle the paranormal element in such a way as to make it feel slightly more realistic than your usual werewolf fare …. an interesting touch that underlined the mystical nature of the creatures in question.”

“The love scenes between Brian and Kiya are sensual enough to singe the pages of the book.”

The complete review can be found here:

Literary Nymphs also gave FAEWOLF a glowing review:

Faewolf, the first book in a series by these two authors, is an exceptionally good story. Authors D.M. Atkins and Chris Taylor take a theme millions of readers are familiar with and turns it around with the introduction of faewolves – creatures who are part fae and part wolf. Their story of two young men, each searching for something, will take the reader on an interesting journey.”

The complete review can be found here:

FAEWOLF (and free excerpts from the novel) is available in several sites in multiple ebook formats and trade paperback:

Ebooks are listed at $5.99, available in multiple formats and can be found at: Circlet Press, AllRomanceBooks, Smashwords, Scribd, Fictionwise, and Amazon Kindle.

Trade paperbacks are listed at $14.95 and can be found at: Create Space and Amazon.

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A NIGHT OF EROTIC FANTASY in San Francisco, July 21

with writers Cecilia Tan and D. M Atkins
Tuesday, July 21st, 7pm – 9pm
Borderlands Bookstore
866 Valencia Street (@ 19th)

Celebrating the release of their new books MIND GAMES and FAEWOLF, Cecilia Tan and D. M. Atkins will read hot and enticing segments of their fiction and answer questions about the fabulous intersection of genres that could be called erotic urban fantasy, or paranormal romance. In MIND GAMES Cecilia Tan explores what happens when a young telepathic woman’s sister disappears and her search takes her into the back rooms of a swingers club. In FAEWOLF D. M Atkins presents a world in which faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among us as men. What happens when a young gay college student risks his heart and his life to love one of these men? Books will be for sale and autographing.

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Print Edition of FAEWOLF

Announcing! A print edition of FAEWOLF by D. M. Atkins and Chris Taylor.

Circlet is pleased to announce the first of their ebook titles now has a print edition, instead of the other way around!

Faewolf, the printed edition, contains all the text of the ebook and comes to 290 whopping pages. It retails for $14.95, the same price as our usual 200-page trade paperbacks!

To order, follow this link to CreateSpace, where it is printed and shipped direct to you!

Faewolf is a paranormal m/m erotic romance.

Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart–and his life? [Warning: explicit sex, dubious consent, and rough scenes.]

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Another site where you can get Faewolf and preview it!

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FAEWOLF – Excerpt #2 (Adult Content)

FAEWOLF – An Erotic M/M Paranormal Romance by D.M. Atkins & Chris Taylor


Kiya hopped into the shower stall after he undressed, turning the faucet on and standing under the steaming spray of water. Showers were one of the few things that could calm him down and help him not think about the things that worried him so much. Instead he found his thoughts wandering toward new things … new people that he had met so far. Or rather, one person in particular. Brian.


Just the thought of the handsome teaching assistant sent a spark of arousal through Kiya, reminding him of just how long it had been since he had last had sex. It made him scowl slightly, but he accepted the discomforting reality that he really didn’t have much choice right at the particular moment. All he had was his hand. It would have to do for now.


Kiya tilted his head back, letting the water stream down his face and over his neck as he pictured golden eyes and a firm, tanned body standing there next to him in the shower. Bringing his right hand up, he rested it against the cool tiles as his left hand moved over his throat and down his chest rubbing and caressing the warm skin as water ran down his body in rivulets. Kiya’s dark hair hung in wet strands down his back, clinging to his body as if to shield him from the steamy vision of Brian watching him with a hungry look in his eyes. The hand on Kiya’s chest moved back and forth, teasing each nipple into hardness as the fingers of his other hand tightened reflexively into a fist, still resting against the shower wall but finding nothing to grasp. With his eyes closed against the stinging spray, Kiya seductively smiled at the image of Brian in his head as he let his hand slide further down his glistening torso. The steam swirled in the air creating a fog-like effect and Kiya pictured the handsome teacher stepping closer, reaching out, but not quite touching him.


Pulling his right hand away from the wall, Kiya reached for the soap as he stepped slightly out from under the stream of water and began rubbing the slick bar down his chest, over his flat stomach until he reached the soft, wet hair surrounding his cock. His breath hitched slightly as he caressed the inside of his thigh with one slippery hand and pictured Brian kneeling before him to run his own eager hands over Kiya’s trembling body. Kiya dropped the bar of soap just before grasping his now swollen prick and teasing the flesh with skilled fingers. The mental image of Brian began running his own soapy hand up and down Kiya’s hard length, squeezing just the way he liked and caressing the head with a slickened thumb. Kiya wondered, briefly, if the real Brian would take things soft and slow or hard and fast. Kiya no longer cared, wanting only to open his eyes and see the other man reaching out with strong hands to take him. Desire pulsated through his body when he pictured himself in the protective embrace of his fantasy.


Kiya felt his heartbeat begin to speed up as he began to pant quietly, ever mindful of those sleeping in nearby rooms. His legs shook slightly when his hand sped up to match the movements of the man in his visions as he whispered, “Brian,” into the warm mist. Letting his head slowly fall forward, Kiya pictured Brian reaching around his body to stroke his back lightly before moving further down. Kiya brought his own unoccupied hand snaking around behind him to press one finger lightly against his hole before gently pushing in. As the muscles relaxed slightly, the softly gasping young man moved his finger in and out slowly, lost in images of golden skin and amber eyes. The hand on his cock sped up as Kiya imagined Brian looking up at him with quiet intensity and commanding softly, “Come for me, Kiya.” And with a low moan, Kiya did.


Standing under the hot water, Kiya pressed his forehead against the cool tiles as he slowly tried to catch his breath. Once he had himself under control, he finished his shower, washing his hair and his body and hands before turning off the water and getting out. As Kiya ran a dry towel over his water-slicked body, he realized he wouldn’t be able to look at Brian without thinking about what he just did. Great.

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